Jagged Little Pill Indiegogo Site

This film aims to please those who enjoy watching an emotionally-riveting thriller along with those who like an all-around good slasher movie. It is being filmed by a team that enjoys watching and making those kind of films. We have the experience, the equipment and a lot of local talent to make this film the one you will want to watch.

We are DGM Video Productions: a production company local to the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. We have been together since early 2015 and have produced 3 short films to date. Two of them have been accepted into several film festivals around the United States. Right now, we are entering production on our latest film; “Jagged Little Pill” in Hixson, Tennessee. It is a psychological and graphic horror movie portraying a young woman’s mental torture at the hands of a serial killer. This film will please those who enjoy watching an emotionally-riveting thriller along with those who like an all-around good slasher movie.

Our team is comprised of the film’s writer and director, Shelley Williford, who is a wonderful cinematographer with years of experience in film and television. Ken McKinney is a local southeastern actor who is very knowledgeable in the sound and post production department. He will be taking a turn as the Cinematographer for this film. And Tom Blanks, who is producing the feature and is serving as the in-house Production Manager for the company.

Okay, I’m not going to lie to you folks. It’s expensive to make a movie. I can hear the collective, “No s#&t!” coming from all the filmmakers out there. But for those of you that might not realize what it takes to make even a short movie, I will give you a breakdown of what it costs and what we would like to get from you.
I am asking for $2000.00 to help us finish this movie. To some of you, that is just a drop in the bucket. But, for a lot of you, that’s a lot of money. And that’s why we ask a whole lot of you for just a little bit each.

Our breakdown is as follows:

Insurance:That’s $500.00 for a year right there. It provides for medical help in the tiny chance that someone is hurt on the film. And it provides peace of mind to businesses and the government if you want to film anywhere but your house.

The Actors: When you first start making films, you beg people to be in your movie. You know, “For the exposure.” But exposure doesn’t help with the bills. So you try to reach a level where you can pay your actors. We want to pay our actors. This eats up another $250.00.

The craft table: The only thing that actors enjoy as much as getting paid is having a good meal. Not snacks (although everyone should have plenty of those on set), but a good, hot, filling meal. Depending on the total of crew and cast, this can get expensive. We are planning 6 shooting days. For food, snacks, drinks, etc., it’s $75.00 a day.

Make-up/special effects: For a good horror movie this is a must. We have a great make-up artist and excellent prop makers. This will cost $400.00+.

And finally, what to do with the film after it is done. You send it to film festivals, that’s what. And just about every film festival on the planet charges an entrance fee, you need money to get your film out to the public via those festivals. To send this movie to the festivals will cost at least $400.00. That will get us into about 10-15 film festivals around the country.

That is a lot of money, but if you want your movie to look professional and not like you and your friends made a movie in your backyard like the Our Gang kids, you need a happy cast, a happy crew, great equipment and a lot of knowledge and experience. We have the last two things, but to get the first two, you have to have funds. And that is where you wonderful folks come into play.

It’s super easy to help us raise the money and everything is based on what you can afford individually. Our perks are awesome and personalized to the movie and to you.
We have thank-yous by the dozens, lots of pictures for those who want them, some extra pills from our movie that were just lying around, a murder weapon or two, the chance to be in the front of the credits of the movie, physical and virtual copies of the movie; even a chance to hang out with the cast and crew at the after party (In the Chattanooga area only). You might even get the camera that is used in the film.

Our company has made 3 other short films with one of them winning several awards and one of the others having been accepted into several film festivals around the US. We feel that this film will reach even farther and will showcase our talents to a much broader audience.
I understand you might have some concerns about our experience in filmmaking. I get that. It’s hard to trust people you barely know. But with this much talent in our group; between our extremely talented cast, our outstanding make-up and effects crew and the years of filming, sound, cinematography, and general production experience that we ourselves bring, we will overcome any obstacles in our way and produce an awesome film.
There is another place where you fine folk can help us. By liking our pages, visiting our websites, and inviting your friends to join you in this journey down terror’s path. Of course, donating money to help us move forward on the journey helps too. So share this site, use the Indiegogo tools, get the word out.